VIA PC 3500g (VIA C7-D 1.5GHz)
NC7170 PCI-X Dual gigabit network card
PCI-E 2 SATA & IDE thing
1x 1.5TB
2x 1TB
1x 500GB
Be Quiet SFX PSU
Cheapo ebuyer case

It's a total bodge, the PCI-X card is in a PCI slot, the PCI-E card is in a PCI-E slot that's much bigger. The case only had space for 2 HDs, but I hacked on a cage for 2 more. The fan on the CPU is held on with 2 screws because it is too big (original was too loud). The case fan is also too big and held on by 2 nuts and bolts (again to make it quiet).

Would anyone buy it off me and for how much? Or would my best bet be to sell the components individually?