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Thread: SN85G4 wont post anymore

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    SN85G4 wont post anymore


    up until 2 days my shuttle was working perfect then i took my x800 pro out and my 3200+ to sell them.

    my new x800 pro vivo and 3400+ arrived today and when i fitted them it stopped posting.

    the fans will whirl on what seems like full belt and there is power to my graphics card,dvd and hd but no power to my keyboard or optical mouse.

    ive tried the graphics card in another machine and thats working fine only thing i cant try in another machine in my new cpu.

    also when i take the heatsink off the cpu is almost stuck to it and pulls right off with it straight out of my board.

    anyone got any ideas??

    thanks in advance.

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    well i tried a fully working external psu today and the problem is still there so its not my shuttle psu either the cpu is dead or my mb.

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    The only thing i can suggest is nipping into maplin in the morning with a credit card and picking up a cpu - take home, test and back to the shop in time for tea. This will let you know if its the chip or the mobo .....
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    Have you tried resetting the CMOS using the jumper?

    I had a similar problem/panic when I flashed my BIOS - I had to use the CMOS reset jumper to fix it.

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    Did you find a solution to this problem. My system just won't post. i wanted to build a cheap media center,
    I have SN85G4 v1, 1 gig kingston ram and a FX5200 video card. and the system just won't post. The dvd light blinks every few seconds, but no post.. you help is appreciated.

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