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Thread: New Heatsink + Fan

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    New Heatsink + Fan

    Hello, this is my first post in this forum, wondering if someone can give me some advice on a new heatsink + fan for my system. Currently i have a Akasa AK795cu, which isn't bad but i have a hot room and my CPU temp rises well above 60.00 on hot days when i have been playing UT2004 or farcry for any length of time. I would like something that does the job without sounding like a jet engine, a compramise so to speak, i have been doing some research and found out that even though my current heatsink + fan does not keep my cpu temp down it's actually quite loud. Thinking about getting either Akasa AK827, or spending a bit more and getting a Vantec Aeroflow or Akasa AK-900S Silver Mountain. Are any of these going to improve on my current heatsink, if not what do you suggest.

    Also i realise that good airflow within the case is important, at the moment i have two 1700rpm exhaust fans as well as my psu fans, should i use one of the exhaust fans as a intake? my only concern is sucking in all the dust and dirt from the room. Cheers.
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    Welcome to the forums!!

    Whats your budget?
    An SP-97 with any quiet fan would be better than most setups, if you have a bit of dough to spend. If you dont have as much, go for the Thermaltake volcano 12.. Both excelent cooling devices

    I would set one of the fans as intake, as the air is still going to be sucked in without it, its just without it, you dont know where the air is coming from and that means dust will build up in these hidden places.

    Hope this helps!

    PS. Youll find answers like this in MANY other threads, have a little look around for the threads to find the answere ther aswell....

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    Iwould suggest a Aero 7 lite cheap and effective

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    I would recommend the Zalman 7000AlCu. It's light, disipates a fair bit of heat and it is nice and quiet. It comes with a free Fan Mate that allows you to change the fan speed. It is very good at heat disipation in high speed mode, and when in low speed mode it still disipates heat but it is also quieter.

    Although, if you don't have good case airflow then you might aswell not bother getting a new Heatsink.
    How is your cooling set up at the moment (intake & exhaust wise)

    And welcome to hexus

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    anybody heard anything about the gigabyte 3d cooler? (pro or standard)

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    Got a Volcano 12 that doesn't do a bad job but put on an older thermaltake smart fan as I didn't like the noise of the 3 blade fan. Zalman cnps6000cu did a good job as well with the 92mm fan but it wouldn't fit in the overture case. The Zalman fan doesn't make a huge amount of noise on full blast either.

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