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Thread: Please help! Damn SN41g2v2!

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    Unhappy Please help! Damn SN41g2v2!

    Hi guys, im new here but i really need some help with my new shuttle!

    First i'll give you my specs:

    SN41G2 version 2
    AMD XP3200+
    512MB crucial 3200 ddr400
    ATI 9800 pro

    Okay, my problem is that i cannot get the system to run properly at 200 FSB 1:1. If i try, windows crashes out with various error messages (BSOD, 'system file missing' messgae, etc). But when i set the memory frequency back to 166 it works perfectly. I was lead to believe that the sn41g2v2 can run at 200 fsb with ddr400 and an XP3200+. I had this problem before when i was using the IGP, but now i use a 9800 pro so it really should be able to run at 200fsb shouldnt it? What can i do people!

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      • Operating System:
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    Interesting , I was going to put my old 9800 pro in my SN41G2 V2.
    I can run my IGP upto about 180 MHz before it craps out , how far does yours go.
    Do you have a 250 W power supply.
    If I have time I will put the pro into my box and see what happens

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