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Thread: Dell Studio XPS 16 battery

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    Dell Studio XPS 16 battery

    My Dell Studio XPS 16 was working fine with OS X. I charged it as I have done so many times. Now when I boot I get an error system canot recognize or find the battery. Without the power adapter plugged in it will not work at all. I take the battery off and then the system boots fine but shuts down sometimes. .I have read that I need to flash the bios which is AO6. Any ideas on how to correct this. I can see if the battery was failing but it shows 0% while the adapter is plugged in.

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    Re: Dell Studio XPS 16 battery

    Is this just on OSX or do you have a Windows installation to compare it too? Often the Dell give out an error message after POST to warn of battery issuse, I presume that is the message you are seeing? If there is a bios update, that is related to this issue, then that would be the best course of action.

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