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Thread: £500 Budget for new PC audio system, NEED ADVICE.

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    £500 Budget for new PC audio system, NEED ADVICE.

    Hi, I've recently been looking at some sets of speakers as my 20 year old Kenwood's just don't cut it anymore, I will also need a soundcard/DAC and am looking for advice and opinions. I do a fair amount of gaming but I listen to a lot of music, varying from EDM to Punk to Classical, anything really. I currently have two channels set-up one for main speakers that play most things, and another just for a headset used for Teamspeak, Skype etc.

    Ok, So far I have been looking at the Edifier flagships, the S730 (2.1) and S550 (5.1), including delivery these retail at around the same price (£350). I'm trying to decide whether to go for 5.1 or 2.1, but my room is only around 5m X 3m (I'll mock up a diagram.) I would prefer 5.1 if the surround sound will work but given the shape of my room I’m not sure if it's worth doing. I understand that “PC Speakers” will never be as good as separates but it needs to work flawlessly with my PC on the set budget.

    Next question; DAC or Soundcard. I would probably go for soundcard as I have some minor sound bugs with my onboard and I use analogue jacks for my headset, but which one? I was looking at the Xonar Essence STX but it seemed to lack the correct ports for a 5.1 (Correct me if I’m wrong, bit confused about this.), would it just connect through a RCA/3.5mm, and if so how would the surround sound work through that? If surround sound doesn’t work with the 5.1 I will probably be more likely to get the S730. (By surround sound I'm referring to directional sound through the 5.1, not sure if this is correct name for it).

    I'm open to opinions on DACs but I’m not looking to spend more than £500, unless it really is worth it. I'm kind of buying this system as a future investment because I might as well buy something that's good quality and will last for a good few years (5-8 years, at least until I can afford to replace them with something better).

    On a side note I have considered the Swan M50W's but I think I would prefer a dedicated sub-woofer unit, despite their supposed superior fidelity. Home theatre solutions may be considered but I would rather put more money into such a system, which currently isn't feasible.

    Any replies are welcome.

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    Re: £500 Budget for new PC audio system, NEED ADVICE.

    DACs are good, but it does cost you alot more. Getting a decent soundcard can really make a difference. The speaker you have selected look good, I have a pair of Bose 2.1 running on a Creative X-Fi Card. I have heard good things about the Asus card too.I always worry about spending to much and then not really telling the difference! I understand it's a tough decision!

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