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Thread: Heated mouse for Raynaud's / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / other orthopaedic sufferers?

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    Heated mouse for Raynaud's / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / other orthopaedic sufferers?

    I have Raynaud's syndrome (reduced circulation triggered by cold) in my RHS index and middle fingers ie left and right clicking fingers. In y case probably caused by an ortho/nerve tissue injury.
    Within a minute of reaching for my mouse in the morning these fingers go cold, numb and painful. Measured with my digital temp meter they are up to 7 but typically 5 degrees celcius cooler than adjacent fingers or fingers on left hand.
    I'd imagine on a computer forum there might be other Raynauds sufferers possibly due to RSI.
    Does anyone have any heated mouse recommendation?
    I did a web search but the sites that came up didn't look particulalry kosher

    Thanks in advance
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