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Thread: Recommend a £350 PC

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    Recommend a £350 PC

    ok, need a basic pc for surfing mainly and music/films. Currently have an XP1800+ , 768MB PC2700, MSI KT7 Ultra Raid, 80+120Gb HD.

    Got about £300-£350 to spend and not going to overclock. Just want the fastest/value pc i can build.

    - A cheap silent case (no need for flashy neon stuff)
    - Fastest CPU available (Sempron/Athlon?)
    - Standard Mobo (need usual things like firewire/usb2)
    - About 768Mb RAM
    - No HD (got a WD 120Gb)
    - No Soundcard (got old style live! 5.1 platinum)
    - Graphics card (not really gonna play games on it but a mid-range would be nice)
    - DVDRW (NEC 3500A??....16X dual layer would be nice)
    - DVD-Rom
    - No a 17"
    - Speakers (max £60 extra ....for 5.1 or above)

    cheers guys

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    These posts get old, go to ebuyer and proceed to compile a list of core components, once compiled you review this list noting the price and uprating the components that are more influential to system performance until you reach a price point you're consent with, in your case £350.

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