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Thread: 'AT' commands not returning anything from Bluetooth module + Hello :D

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    'AT' commands not returning anything from Bluetooth module + Hello :D

    Helloooooooooooooooo guys

    Firstly, long time no see, how are you all?

    Secondly, having a slight problem with a bluetooth module (HC-05) I had delivered yesterday which is going to be used on my final year project, basically:

    I've hooked it up to my USB - TTL ->

    Gnd - Gnd
    Vcc - 5v (Also tried 3.3v)
    Rx - Tx
    Tx - Rx (Also tried Tx - Tx, Rx - Rx incase the silkscreen was wrong...)

    Also tried Setting pin 34 to low, powering on, then setting high. And setting high and powering on (LED changes to long pulse), still nothing at any baud rate

    I've checked that the USB - TTL is pushing data out over Tx by making a loopback, which confirms that it is working and sending the commands, however, the Bluetooth module never responds to any input at any baud rate, the default is supposed to be 9600, but nada, not a thing, tried in PuTTY, HyperTerminal even HT Comm.

    I know there is a time-out on the command, which is why I tested with HT Comm as well as Copy/Pasting the command in from notepad. But still nothing, AT (with or without CRLF) never replies with anything.

    Some things I know are that the board works, a connection can be established through the default HC-05 name or the BD with 1234 as the password. But obviously, I want to change the details and up the baud rate for the project...

    Any ideas?

    TheAnimus, bsodmike? I can't think who else is likely to know...

    Edit: Sorted it, forced it into AT mode by holding pin 34 high (as before), then applying power to the board. Then pushing commands at a baud rate of 38400, 8, n, 1. With commands appended with CR+LF (\r\n).
    The part I was missing was in this mode for the AT commands, Rx - Rx and Tx - Tx
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    Re: 'AT' commands not returning anything from Bluetooth module + Hello :D

    I'm having the same problem with hc-05 - no responds to the AT commands; I tried your solution but still no response; I tried connecting tx-tx, rx-rx, even tx-rx but I get nothing. If you have any ideas that might help I would be grateful.
    (I tried with both USB-TTL and USB-RS232).

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