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Thread: N bridge temps

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    N bridge temps

    I was looking at my my system temp rising as i cut back the number and speed of my fans, and then run MBM's "heatup" (or a game)

    - how hot can a Northbrige (or for that matter a CPU) get before it starts damageing its self??

    - have have a Abit AT7 max2, and "winbond hardware doctor" that comes with it, the cpu upper temp is preset at 70c (and the mobo diode is under the die) and the "system" is preset at 60, and its diode it on the left of the NB, right close up to it (slightly under the H/S)

    - as i have it set up now, the CPU (athlon 1800+) "idles" at about 46, and gets upto about 55 on full load, which i think of as fine, considering in not overclocked, and the fan in sitting 5Ved on the stock cooler

    - the north bridge which used to have a fan/fd unit on it, but i removed that and replaced it with the blue zalman cooler (for the noise issuse) if left 100% passive, idles at about 55 and get over 60 to about 64 with heatup, and a slow fan over it (standing on the graphics card) get the temps to about 40/50 ish

    so, after that HUGE post, what im wondering is, is 64C to hot for that sensor?

    Thanks, and sorry about the state of this post, daniel

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    I don't think 64c is overly hot for any piece of silicon.The only probs i ever had with the North bridge chip that was passively cooled was when overclocking,a small socket 7 fan cured any crashes i was having.

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