Im looking to upgrade my A64 (S754) system, but Im not 100% sure which way to go.

Currently I have 512mb (single DIMM) of Corsair XMS3200LLPT and the Asus K8V Deluxe mobo.

Obviously these mobos dont clock that well, since the K8T800 chipset doesnt have AGP and primary PCI locks, which makes it rather pointless having the corsair ram in there.

Also Im starting to *need* 1gig of ram and since corsair dont actually make my ram anymore (and the closest thing to it is £120ish for 512mb (about what I paid for my XMS)) its an expensive way to go.

So do I sell my mobo and pickup a nice NF3 250 and clock my rig, or sell my ram and pickup a gig of "value" ram (such as geil value) and not bother with clocking, or can I do something inbetween?

Whats my ram and motherboard actually worth?
Just a reminder:

Ram is 1 x 512mb Corsair XMS3200LLPT (rev1.2) (I think that means CH5 chips, right?)
Mobo is Asus K8V Deluxe

Cheers all