For anyone interested in the coolermaster Aquagate, I installed mine last night. Its simply a gorgeous piece of water cooling kit, and looks... wow.

Few comments about it:

Its loud!! quiet setting is as noisy as my old CPU air fan was, setting 2 is louder and 3, well 3 is something else, I can hear it downstairs when its set on that! I am going to investigate putting a quieter fan in it at somepoint though

Manual is terrible, few times they really didnt explain something, but it is fairly self explanitatry anyway. Was suprised at this, as the manual is huge! would of thought it would cover everything in loads of detail, but no, its just in 47 different languages!! (estimated )

Manual tells you to put the thermal probe in between the waterblock and the processor!!! omg! btw, don't do this lol, just put it as close as you can without it going between!! I used the socket 'handle' to keep the probe close, then bent the probe tip so it touched the side of the processor core.

finally, a design flaw: On an IC7-Max3, on the underside of the motherboard there are resistors. it tells you to attach a plate that you screw the water block to which go over these resistors. don't - you WILL crush them if you do this, most likely killing your motherboard. the few resistors will take all the force of the block!! I found inserting some thick 'repair washers' between this plate and the non-conductive sticky covering works perfectly. I can supply photos if anyone want to see what I mean and has this bit of kit.

i'll let you know what the temps are like compared to previously when my PC is set up!! otherwise, its a cool looking piece of kit that probably far too easy!