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Thread: Dual 1.2 AMD.. possible?

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    Dual 1.2 AMD.. possible?

    As title really.

    I've got my hands on 2 1.2Ghz ThunderBird AMDs, one AXIA and the other BXHA stepping, and im just wondering if i can stuff them into a duallie board?

    probably not, but just thought itd be a bit more of a productive use then selling them for a fiver

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    Depends on the board. Apparently the original Tyan Tiger and Asus k7d will do dual Tbirds (and Spitfires, come to that). You won't do any harm putting them in a board and trying it; if you actually have to buy the board I'd find another £40 for a pair of Tbreds TBH.

    Rich :¬)

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