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Thread: NOW LAN Isnt working!!!

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    NOW LAN Isnt working!!!

    Well Ive given up with Wireless and trying to get back to the old reliable Ethernet. BUT that aint working now either!!!

    I run the setup wizard on both the PC and Laptop. They both "see" each other but the internet isnt shared. I cant use the internet on the laptop!!! PLease help. Both computers have Service Pack 2, could it be an issue with that new firewall?

    Please help

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    i cant give you much help, it might be the "firewall" - try disabling it and running the wizard again - what your loking the get from the wizard is a "internet gateway" - also, i found that it doesmt work if you try to set it up while your conected to the internet

    - but im a little out of my depth, so, if that doesnt work try asking some one over in conectivitly


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