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Thread: Udma 33/ Ata 66 ??

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    Udma 33/ Ata 66 ??


    OK.. I have a Really old machine, which had a UDMA hard drive in it, not sure what speed it was (66 etc.). The hard drive has gone and needs replacing, so i looked through the motherboard manual and it states: "Supports PIO mode 3,4 (UDMA 33/ATA66) IDE & ATAPI CD-ROM."

    OK i know that Ultra ATA and UDMA are basically the same sort of thing, and the following links show this:

    Micro Direct link for Maxtor Diamondmax Hard Drive

    Dabs link for the same drive

    The Microdirect link calls it an ATA133 drive and the Dabs link calls it a UDMA133 drive.

    So why in my motherboard manual does the UDMA spec half that of the ATA spec?

    Finally would the following drive work ok in my (old) machine:??? (not the machine in my signature!)

    Seagate Barracuda from Scan
    P4 3.2GHZ Potato Processor
    Corsair TwinX 1024Mb C2 3200 Low LatencyProSeries
    Abit IC7 - Max3
    Abit 256MB ATI 9800XT
    Sound Blaster Audigy ZS
    160GB Seagate SATA HDD

    In a Coolermaster Wavemaster
    with 450w CWT PSU

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    If I recall correctly - hard-drives if they cannot connect at their speed rating will auto-negociate with the system until they both agree on a speed that they can both run at.

    What I would also check - either on the motherboard manufacturers webby is that the system might have a BIOS limitation that cannot see over a certain size.

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