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Thread: Windows XP Volume Controls have Vanished!

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    Windows XP Volume Controls have Vanished!

    It seems after a fresh reformat after purchasing a sound blaster audigy card that after installing the drivers from the creative website (13mb ish i think)
    i now get "Windows cannot load sndvol32.exe use add/remove progs to reinstall this" or something... very weird!
    Anyway im very happy despite previous posts ive made reguarding popping with audigy II models, this card doesn't pop whatsoever, so im a happy Murph!
    But now as my punishment my volume controls have gone, and as the card was OEM there was no driver cd (shame!) so now i am in search of Creative recorder and a few other apps that came with the card. Fortunately i got my hands on the surround mixer from their site by extracting the files with winrar.

    This isn't a real big issue as i can just use the mixer to adjust volume etc, but i'd like to know where the hell they've gone!

    And while im posting i thought i'd mention my Pc is beginning to act very weird, when i turn it on sometimes it fails to power properly. It takes 3 or 4 reinserts of the power cable in the the darn q-tec to get the damn thing to work!
    Im guessing its getting near its transition to the afterlife so i'd better shell on a 480w tagan pretty sharpish as i dont have a fire extinguisher nearby...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MurphmanL
    If I had a Q-Tec I wouldn't even try turning the computer on!

    Quote Originally Posted by MurphmanL
    so i'd better shell on a 480w tagan pretty sharpish
    You sure you want a Tagan 480W? The cheapest I can find right now is £65, so if you're not running much then you might want to go for a cheaper alternative. Of course, since it has plenty of oomph, and is BTX compatible, it should last quite a while.

    And exactly what Audigy do you have?
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    Just the bog standard Audigy I, which is more than enough for me... and luckily no hissing

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