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Thread: Most reliable printers?

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    Most reliable printers?


    Here at work we use HP, and Brother

    The HP Laser's are fairly reliable - we occassionally have some breaking down after a few years, especially the cheaper older ones...

    BUT the Brother one's are REALLY unreliable - the cheap laser printers, even brand new one's, we've had about 6 that are broken as soon as we've got them out of the box.

    What have you found?


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    I work at a college and the printers take a hammering here.

    if i need a big printer for a lab i will you a HP 2300 N got loads of these and dont have any problems with them we always by the support packs tho just incase.

    if its a little printer i need for an office i use the HP 1015 cheap as chips and again never had a problem.

    we are currently testing samsung for colour laser purposes and so far so good.

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    HP Lasers for the working environment tbh. They will just be class. Ok maybe expensive but good.
    Apparently the dell rebadeged (lexmark is it?) laser printers are also not too shabby.

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    We've got mainly small HP2200n around the place for all the mono print jobs, and an HP 4550 for colour jobs! Overall they seem pretty reliable and don't give me too many headaches!

    I have delt with a few of the lower range mono brother laser printers and not impressed at all! Pretty crap actually! (imo)

    Recently we've gone and bought several OKI C5400n colour laser printers, and I am really impressed! Only had them for a few months now, so not had any issues with them at all so far! But print and build quality is excellent, seems pretty quick, and I think they're cheaper than HP to run! (Apparently... I can't prove that yet!) Reviews seem to like them too!

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