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Thread: DLINK Wireless Networking Problem

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    DLINK Wireless Networking Problem

    I am trying to set up a wireless network between my home computers to play lan games. I have a DLINK DI-824VUP+ which has a small inbuilt antenna. I am trying to network with a computer downstairs but the floor is 8inch thick concrete and I cant get a signal. The guys at Computers Online are suggesting I use two directional antennas but before I buy them I want to know if they will actually work. Can anyone tell me from experience if this is going to solve my problem?

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    Probably should have put this in the connectivity forum.

    Have you tried changing the angle of the antenna at all? if its downstairs then stick it horizontal or try moving the box around. have you tried setting it up next to the other computer so you know it works? Give some info on what you have done so people dont suggest obvious things like what i just have... dont mean to sound like a arse but its for your own good.

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