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Thread: SN85G4 Posting Prob

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    Exclamation SN85G4 Posting Prob

    (Specs) Shuttle SN85G4
    AMD 64 3000+, 512MB RAM Samsung U/B
    Samsung 160GB, NEC DVD R/RW 2500A
    HIS Raedon 9600 128MB & just the normal PSU that was in the Case

    I've the shuttle since around march'04 & have never had any probs before.

    I turned it on this morning left it to boot, went down for a cuppa & came back to a blank screen i.e no signal. Reset the sys & Bios shows up as normal with all components showing & then nadda, no screen showing Win XP loading. Now when I try to load it up again theres no signal @ all, I cant even get into the bios settings & i can still hear the HD/DVD loading as normal. I've never touched the settings as I've never had a need to so I don't really know what eles to do.

    I've tested all the components on another machine (as well as another monitor) except for the CPU as I dont have any other socket 754 Mobo.

    Any help or guidance would be most apprieciated.

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    Same issue, have you resolved it?

    Being this is an old post, and this is almost my new problem i was curious to know if you have found an solution to your problem. My issue is the same, expect i hear anothing loading, (there is no HDD attached) and the dvd light blinks every few seconds there is no post, no video, nothing.

    Wondering if you can help me out, in case your managed to fix yours.


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    • SiM's system
      • Motherboard:
      • P5K Premium
      • CPU:
      • Q6600
      • Memory:
      • 8GB PC2-6400 OCZ ReaperX + Platinum
      • Storage:
      • 3 x 320gb HD322HJ single platter in Raid 0
      • Graphics card(s):
      • PNY GTX285
      • PSU:
      • Corsair TX650W
      • Case:
      • Antec 1200
      • Monitor(s):
      • 2407-HC
    Well this post is 3 years old and the guy only ever made one post, this post, and he hasn't visited hexus in over a year... so I don't think he can help you out...

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