I've just been trying to install a new (s/hand, but new for me) IC7 max3 board, but I can't seem to get it to POST.
I get no speaker beeps, just a brief flash of LED's where the OTES is, the fans spin for a split second then thats it, it doesn't power up at all, but that proves power is getting to the board.

I've stripped it down to the basics (gfx, cpu, ram) and still the same, I've tried 2 different gfx cards, all RAM slots and 3 different sticks of RAM. I then tried putting my old board back in and it all worked, so none of those are faulty - neither is the psu, enermax 550w, before someone says its psu probs.

The only thing I can see that might indicate as to what it is is when the powers plugged in theres a tiny green led on at the bottom and when I switch the power on a red led next to it flashes as well - does anyone know if this is means anything? I tried google but that didn't help

I'm stumped, anyone got any other suggestions?