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Thread: Wireless RH any-surface mouse for Office/CAD - suggestions please.

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    Wireless RH any-surface mouse for Office/CAD - suggestions please.

    My bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth) has given up the ghost after 12 years. It was comfortable, the batteries lasted a couple of weeks and I'll miss the old thing. The left click was playing up, I opened it up and everything is OK electronically but the plastic moulding that held the scroll axle and another which held the microswitch PCB for the left and right click have broken.The Bluetooth was occasionally a PITA and required re-pairing.

    So I'm looking for a new wireless mouse. PC is used for Office, CAD during the day and at night when it's bloody freezing in my draughty place, I use it under the duvet for the web, i-Player. If I have to type anything I use the OSK.
    The retail choices were quite disappointing; either small, not enough buttons, unhanded or only take up to 2 AA batteries which probably wouldn't last long

    Large for man hands
    Ergonomic for right-handed use
    Use on any surface (so darkfield bluetrack, bluetrace)
    At least a few side buttons in addition to the usual clickers and scroll
    Good battery life (Lithium preferred otherwise I have loads of 4G eneloops. I only use rechargeables)
    Durable (hope to get 12 years out of the next one too.

    I was thinking around the £60 budget.

    Any recommendations?

    I'll be looking for a keyboard in time as well, mainly to use in my bed.
    Are the wireless receivers an open system ie can one mix and match manufacturers?

    Many thanks.
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