I've finally got to a point were I can start upgrading my machine.

The starting point is going to be a new case, after spinning about for a couple weeks I've decided on a Corsair 750D. I'll be moving all my components across to this for further upgrades at a later date.

I've currently got a OCZ Fatal1ty Series 550W as a PSU though even in my current case, Bitfenix Merc Alpha I had to pass the power to the top of the board across the front instead of being able to route it up the back, it was to short and would just not reach.

So should I just get some BitFenix extender cables, upgrade the PSU with a view to dropping in an i7 and and improved GPU, or will the extra room up the back of the case make it fit (I think this may not be likely)

The purpose of the machine is general gaming 50% and 50% programming with virtual machines so going to need the cores and ram

Apart from the case I'll be aiming for a mechanical keyboard, I've found a fairly decent deal on a Corsair K70 Cherry Blue. Any particular reason to go for the RGB version apart from the colours, I would have liked the blue backlighting though that has been discontinued.

Apologies for the long post.