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Thread: PSU - What will take my load ?

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    PSU - What will take my load ?


    My PC keeps dying a most horrible deaths, keep getting loads of BSOD's, after a few posts I think it's my 350w PSU, which needs upgrading. This is the system I'm thinking about building, not sure if my sanity will last long in it's bemused state, what the question is, I'm going for 500w PSU, does everyone think it will be enough. I've done some on-line tests and trying to calculte it and 500w sounds like it should be pushing it, but I think it will be fine. The system at the moment sound look like this:-

    FX 55 - Got
    2 Gefore 6800 Ultra PCI-E in SLI ( This is the where my wallets, shouting don't do it you moron)
    Asus A8N-SLi
    2 * 1gb Corsair Ram - got
    2 * 74Gb Raptors Raid 0 - got
    2 * 200Gb IDE Hard Drives
    1 * Sound Card, prob Audigy 2
    1 * DVD Burner & 1 * CD Burner - got
    4 * cathode Lights - got
    1 * Light / Fan Controller - got
    1 * (Hercules DJ sound card mixer, runs of PC's PSU)
    Keyboard & Moues - got

    I know this is over the top but I've moved to Guernsey for a year. In the channel islands you don't have to pay VAT, this means that EVERYTHING has 20% knocked off. So if this looks expensive just think I will save the cost of of a 6800 ULtra fro FREE !! + more. The FX-55 cost me UNDER £500 (still a bit over the top), the first day over-clockers got it in.

    So will 500w do the job, I know every device is never going to be at full load, so it should do, Cheers.

    oh, I'm thinking about getting the Ultra X Connect PSU, in case anyone wondered, they look so good

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    To be honest there should only be one or two psus that you should be looking at for that rig: -

    PC Power and Cooling 510w Deluxe - 510w of sustainable power and 610w peak! It is the beefest PSU around! Has adjustable pots so you can keep it on the sweet spot


    OCZ powerstream 520w - similar to above but not quite as good quality or as good at sustaining but better than everything else! This has adjustable pots as well.
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