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Thread: Hmmn which laptop?

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    Hmmn which laptop?

    I'm off to Canada this january for 3 months, going skiing I wanted to get a decent laptop while i'm over there does anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm looking for something that's small-ish but with lots of feature's
    The sony VGN-A217M is the sort of thing i'm looking for, but it seems pricy for what you get, the gfx card is only 64Mb etc...I would have expected more for £1500... :
    I'm going to be using it for wireless internet access, a little bit of gaming and listening to music, going to get an md-hi to go with the laptop.

    Does anyone know any good sites to get laptops from canada as I've found a few but they are in america only, so charge a heafty import tax.

    Cheers for your help.

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    If you want portable, have a look at:

    Or slightly less portable but better specced:

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