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Thread: looking for internal card reader/usb3 front panel which holds 3.5" HDD

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    looking for internal card reader/usb3 front panel which holds 3.5" HDD

    i have two "spare" 5.25" bays on my case, which are currently filled with 3.5" HDD's (the space is 3x5.25" but i have a bluray drive in one space).

    i'd like to ideally have a front panel card reader that does sdxc and mini sdxc at least and has a front usb3 socket preferably, but behind the card reader it lets me mount/hold a 3.5" HDD

    i've never seen such a thing, i don't know if they exist, but i have seen an adapter that holds a 3.5" HDD in a 5.25" bay and has a couple of usb3 sockets, which is the next best thing as i can at least plug in a card reader, but i'd prefer an all in one solution, as long as it doesn't cost too much

    i don't mind if the card reader sticks out the front of the case by a couple of inches as long as it's secured properly. i don't know if anyone has tried this, and tucked a 3.5"HDD inside. theres plenty of space in the case, i just don't know how i can secure everything

    one other thing, my mobo doesn't have usb3 and neither does the case, so i got a pcie3 usb3 card, which has no header pins, so i would either look for something that just connects to a external usb3 socket (i can run the cable outside easily), or i would get another usb3 card that has the pins

    does anyone have any info they can pass to help? the problem with googling and searching ebay is when i enter the options i want it throws up so much stuff so now i can't even find the drive bay with usb3


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    Re: looking for internal card reader/usb3 front panel which holds 3.5" HDD

    Nearest I can find is this Silverstone dock, but it only takes 2.5" HDDs. I think your problem is going to be that putting a 3.5" HDD in a 5.25" dock doesn't really leave enough room for a USB hub and card reader: the difference in size just isn't sufficient to get everything in....

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