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Thread: connecting 24w fan to motherboard

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    connecting 24w fan to motherboard

    Ive go a delta 120mm fan for my heatsink and I was wondering if it would be safe to connect to my a8n sli deluxe. The fan is a 12v fan and draws 24watts at 2amps. In the manual this is the maximum the motherboard can take. Would it be safe to connect this? I was thinking that if the 12v fluctuates then more than 24watts could be drawn from the motherboard. Is there any chance it would damage the motherboard?
    If this is a no go does anyone know of a fan controller than can support this. I need some way of varying the speed.
    info at

    fan is the 12v 4000rpm



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    I reckon it's probably better to play it safe and connect it straight to your power supply.

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