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Thread: 8xagp or pci-e?

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    8xagp or pci-e?

    which cards r better and which one will be the future? cause thinking of updating and wondering if theres any point of getting a agp mobo and not a pci-e

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    It's a lot of the same really. PCI-E videocards are cheaper than AGP at the moment but that could change any second. AGP motherboards are more plentiful and cheaper than PCI-E motherboards, so the two offset. PCI-E doesn't offer any advantages at this time unless you get an SLI board and buy 2 videocards. Since it's new tech it's very pricey. PCI-E is the future though. AGP will be phased out over the next 2 years. By that time I will have gone through 10 computers+, so...I don't know!

    If you keep your system for 2-3 years you should probably go PCI-E. If you change your computer more often than your socks (like me) it matters not.
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    If you tend to upgrade the entire system when you upgrade, AGP should be fine. At the moment, it doesn't give any real performance boosts, so PCI-Express is only good for the ability to upgrade in the future, or run graphics cards in SLI.
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