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Thread: Mini ITX Case For Water Cooled Graphics Card

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    Mini ITX Case For Water Cooled Graphics Card

    I have gathered a list of cases I like the look of I was just wondering if someone could help me find out if they will support something of a 295x2 or Fury X in size in anticipation for next years cards. If a case says it supports water cooling can this apply to GPU water coolers or do they mean CPU AIOs only? Thanks

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    Re: Mini ITX Case For Water Cooled Graphics Card

    The closed loop/AIO coolers typically use a 120mm fan mount so practically all cases 'support water cooling'. It's a pretty meaningless statement in itself.

    Some of the small cases on your list would probably be a bit of a stretch. The FTZ01 for example has it's 120mm mounts directly above the CPU and directly above the graphics card. A long watercooled card like the 295X2 would likely to be a struggle to fit unless you were willing to accept a 1U CPU cooler. I don't know if a shorter card like the Fury X would clear the second graphics fan mount and allow a radiator there.

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