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Thread: Standalong DVD recorders [tv]

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    Standalong DVD recorders [tv]

    Anyone know anything about these? or got any reccomendations.

    Looking at picking one up, but dont really know much about them. The two features I am really looking for are PVR functionality [eg like sky+] and DVD-Ram compatability.

    Basically after a PVR that can record to dvd aswell, as a PVR is great 'cept you cant get the stuff off it when its recorded ;/

    Any ideas what to get?

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    I recommend when trying them out in store record on the different movie type options.

    the one my parents got free records TV like a bag of ****e, even on the highest bit rate. Not until it was put on the sport setting did it record much better. The sport setting works best for everything. So try that out when you go hunting for one and take lots of dvdrw. Also watch out as some will read + and - but only record + which isnt such a big deal but good to know what your getting.

    The Panasonic DIGA range are nice machines.

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