Hey guys, I'm new around here, and I'm trying to find an answer to this strange problem! Here goes...

I've been trying a little overclocking with a Biostar Ideq 210P, Athlon64 3000+ Newcastle and 1gig Geil Value RAM. First I upped the FSB to 210. That was fine. Then I upped the FSB to 220. That was also fine. Then I upped to FSB to 230. However, at 230, the speed of the processor was still only 2Ghz

I went back into the BIOS, and sure enough, 230mhz FSB was still selected, yet the CPU speed was only 2Ghz. At 220, the CPU speed had been 2.2Ghz. After trying 230, I went back to 220. Again, the processor is still only 2Ghz! 220 had worked just 10mins earlier, but doesn't now.

Anyone got any idea what is going on? No matter what FSB I set in the BIOS, the processor is always just 2Ghz. And before any of you ask, yes I did save BIOS changes after setting the FSB speed

Thanks for any input into the matter!