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    Entertainment PC

    righty, basically im looking to make a pc to sit in the front room of the house im moving into in summer (moving out of university halls of residence) and i want to get a comp ready to sit in the front room.

    its got to be cheap firstly, got about a £250 max budget (screen not needed), and even thats pushing it. it needs some kind of digital output to go to my speaker system. it should be able to connect to the tv in some way.

    anyidea where i can get some cheap parts from? and i keep seeing things like HDTV and stuff thats just confused me. theres probibly some really noobish thoughts floating around my head into this post, but thats what forums are for

    any ideas anyone?
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    I'm kinda planning the same thing - a media center pc that can record TV but still be a PC.

    I'm thinking Small form factor such as a Shuttle or shuttle-esque system, with a ~200GB HDD and a tv tuner, use the TV as a monitor through the TV out on the gfx cards running Windows MCE and/or GBPVR. Add a DVD-RW and a wifi card and job's a gudd 'un!

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