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Thread: Which Heatsink?

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    Which Heatsink?

    Basically, I have an areo 7 which is okay but I think due to my hot room its not majorly effective. I have 4 cheapo case fans for a bit of circulation. It currently runs at 49-53 under load which it is all of the time as I do the cancer reseach thing.....

    I am looking at changing the heantsink and fan, just wondering whats best in the world of air cooling.... I have a 2600 AMD Socket A chip.

    Was looking at Thermalright, just wondering if they are as good as they are cracked up to be.

    Cheers for any advice!


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    i would say go for the bargain slk947 from komplett but it seems to have disapeared unfortunatly

    but i dont think there's anything wrong with your temps as they are tho

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    If noise is not a problem the Thermaltake Volcano 12 is very very good. It's also good if you crank it up when you want your maximum cooling or overclocking, and turn it down when you want quiet. It comes with a contriller to vary the speed from 2000 to almost 5800 RPM.

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