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Thread: SLI. Good?? (Or is it just a SLI fox)

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    SLI Good?? (Or is it just a SLI fox)

    Hey guyz
    Some one posted an interseting link on this forum
    As to if anyone really cares, time will tell.. but its food for thought.
    Incidently, I am too am waiting for my Asus sli board, you wouldn't think of playing Doom on it anywayz...Or would you???

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    Did you see the editors addendum to that article?
    At least you can create your own SLI profile for a game manually, although don't know why you couldn't have some auto-benchmark process to determine which SLI mode is best for a game? Doesn't this already happens in FPS games when the game checks out the PC to determine how to configure graphics?

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