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Thread: HEXUS.beans – 'Simply Computers' lays off over 100 employees

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    HEXUS.beans – 'Simply Computers' lays off over 100 employees

    We've just received a bean that 'Simply Computers', which describes itself as “one of the leading IT resellers in the UK” and “part of the $1.7 billion Systemax Group, the number one mail order IT reseller in Europe” is undergoing significant restructuring.

    It seems that as part of this restructuring, over 105 employees were made redundant at around 18:00 on Friday just past, and perhaps only half a dozen 'Simply' employees remain.

    Apparently future PC systems sold by 'Simply Computers', usually under its 'Systemax' brand, may no longer be manufactured in the UK, but could now be imported.

    A former employee of Systemax Europe Limited has told HEXUS that for the past four years or so, 'Simply' has engaged contract system integration companies here in the UK to build a significant number of the PCs it has sold.

    With such a dramatic 'restructuring', what the future holds for 'Simply', and its system building contractors, is unclear to us.

    'Simply Computers' (Limited), was originally a British found and run company, but the trading style was taken over some years ago by Systemax Europe Limited, which is in itself apparently a European subsidiary of the North American company Systemax, Inc.

    We'll see how this bean grows tomorrow morning...

    UPDATE #1: 24.01.2004 09:52

    Apparently, this morning a number of major hardware manufacturers and suppliers are being called in to ‘Simply’ for a meeting.
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    Shame, I used to use them years ago when they started up. But now I understand why they've been crap for the last few years.

    Systemax look like they're getting ready to stiff a few suppliers...

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