I got CM Staker case with Akasa Fan Controller Pro.

CM's fans have neither (1) 3 pin connectors nor (2) rev signal output.
This means I cannot readily connect them to the controller.

The way around the first problem would be to either buy 4-to-3 pin
connectors or replace 4 pin Molex connectors with 3 pin ones as
a mini DIY project.
However this would not fix the problem with missing rev sensing cable,
I guess.

I decided to look around for some replacement fans.
What I need, I suppose, are 120mm fans with 3 pin connectors (at least) and
the rev sensing functionality.
If I am replacing fans all together then I thought I could ask for a couple of
extra features : blue LEDs, double ball bearings, good air flow and low noise spec.

I checked a couple of websites and the joice does not appear to be huge.
At the end it will have to be a balancing act and I decided to go for
Thermaltake Smart Case Fans A2018 :
- right size (120mm as well as 80mm for the top exhaust),
- nominal low noise spec (but is it true ?),
- partially ball partially sleeve bearings with nominal 50k hrs life expectancy,
- rev signal output,
- lovelly blue LEDs.
I wonder how these fans perform in real life (and not on paper).
They come with extra features like temperature sensors and manual
control panels which I will put back into the box and to keep them in the loft.

Do you have any experience with these fans ?
Can you recommend some other fans instead ?

Many thanks