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Thread: Aopen EZ18, Biostar 200N or 210V?

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    Aopen EZ18, Biostar 200N or 210V?

    I've got enough spare parts lying around to build a Socket A SFF system for fun - I don't really need 1 .
    The 3 mentioned above are all available for around £100-110 inc VAT so not much difference in price (before anybody suggests a Shuttle they seem to be £130-150).

    The 200N has a 200W PSU (slightly worries me as I may throw a Radeon 9800 AIW into whatever I get), the EZ18 220W & the 210V 250W.

    Anybody have any experience with any of these?

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    Did you ever get anywhere with this? Trying to choose between 200N and EZ18 for my Dad. All else spec'ed out except for this and the CPU. Thanks!!

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