I've enjoyed my Z5500 speakers over the years but they started making annoying crackling/rumbling noises and the amplifiers inside the sub seem to be beyond fixing. So what do I do? There doesn't seem to be a new system that's as good, plus I would actually like something similar but better with music than the Z5500. The surround speakers are all fine and some are screwed to the wall so I'm not keen to replace those. The front pair I would like to replace with better speakers for music at some point. The sub could be made to work again with a new amplifier maybe.

I could maybe replace the failed electronics with a simple, compact amplifier. This is for my computer so I need the right inputs, 6 x analog in and outputs for 5 speakers and a passive sub. No need for much sound processing and no need for video processing or switching. I've looked at basic AVRs and they won't fit the bill as they lack the right inputs. Is there something out there?

Anyone had a similar situation?