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    Recently been obsessed about lowering the noise from my PC. With removing fans, installing quieter ones and a new power supply have acheived a very quiet set up with one exception. My 2 160GB sata Hitachis are now the main source of noise. Even when I dont touch the keyboard for minutes the hard disk activity light still routinely flickers with the accompanying noise.
    Just what are they doing, when I am idle? Thanks

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    Worth doing a defrag on them.
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    it could also be a one of a number of background apps including antivirus, software updates, system restore, spyware etc. recommend thorough check for spyware and viruses, and agree with furton on the defrag.

    if you are really obsessed with noise reduction, and there is adaquate airflow in your case, you could get hard disc enclosures to reduce sound. i would go for the acryan ones as these also function as heat sinks.

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