I know this sounds like it should be in the Graphics forum, but this particular question is related to Shuttle SFF's in particular.

I have an SN95 with a 6800GT lovingly mounted within.

I'm currently running it at 400/1100 (up from the 350/1000 standard)
However, I'm curious to know how much further I can push it.

Now I know that 6800GT's can clock much higher than that, and indeed I have seen many people within these forums stating as much.....however, I'm more aware of the power consumption side of things. I know that as you increase the core and memory clocks that the power consumption of the card will increase, so how far will it go?

Can people who have experience clocking a card such as this in a Shuttle SFF (with the 240w Silent-X PSU in particular) dispense their knowledge and wisdom upon me.

I would be eternally grateful.....(well, I'll say thank you at least)