Hi all,
I got hi-grade notino 3600s laptop from ebay. it worked fine for a few months, then one day it died on me. the laptop starts, power light thurns on, harddisk spins, dvd lights up, but nothing comes on screen. tried external monitor but it didnt work either. later i noticed that the hardrive and dvd access LEDs never come on.

any one has any ideas what can be the problem.. one friend suspected processor to be dead, so i changed the processor but same thing happened again. volt meter test shows voltage to reach all corners of the board. bios battery is working fine and i have pressed the bios reset swich (pinhole one) few time to reset it but to no avail.

any help in this regrd is most welcome



Hi-Grade Notino 3600
2.0ghz celeron, 512mb ram,30gb harddisk, dvdcdr, 14inch screen
dont know much more