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Thread: Worth upgrading my RAM?

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    Question Worth upgrading my RAM?

    hi, ive currently got a Athlon 64 3000+ running on an Asus K8VSE deluxe with 1GB PC2100 RAM. As the price of Geil 1GB dual channel PC3200 value kits (5ns Cas 2.5 6-3-3) are coming down to around £70, would I see a real increase if I swapped to this faster spec ram? On paper it will be faster, and maybe on benchmarks, but im not too fussed about them, more interested in real world performance. Anyone point me in the right direction?


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    If your running a divider then yes it will be faster. If you are running an A64 you should really be running it with PC3200 memory
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    You'll get maybe 5% improvement in frame rates in games (10% at most) and tiny improvements elsewhere. I wouldn't bother upgrading unless you're really noticing lag.

    You could try overclocking the RAM a bit anyway, you may well be able to get it up to 166MHz or so with a bit of extra voltage. Use Memtest and/or Prime95 to test stability.

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