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Thread: Be quiet SILENT LOOP reliability

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    Be quiet SILENT LOOP reliability

    I installed a SILENT LOOP AIO 360 on my new build in January and have been happy with the cooling and noise levels, but now only 8 months later, the water fan has developed a noise, it sounds like a HDD seek sound, but unlike a HDD its continuous, given that I build the PC without any HDDs to avoid just that, its very irritating and disappointing.

    Just wondering if anyone else encountered problems and wondering if I should go with Air cooling as hate having to take everything apart if AIOs are this unreliable.

    waiting for scan to come back to me as they don't seems to sell Be quiet AIOs anymore so to find out how the warranty works.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Be quiet SILENT LOOP reliability

    I'm sure SCAN will help in anyway they can

    If you would prefer to contact bequiet! directly, assuming of course that you have an invocie from your purchase of it, try this

    Quote Originally Posted by bequiet!
    3. Processing

    3.1 Warranty claims shall only then be taken into consideration if a copy of the original invoice or the purchase receipt is submitted together with a description of the flaw along with the device to Listan. The purchasing receipt must indicate the date of purchase, model name and complete company data of the retailer or system integrator including the tax number or VAT ID. The information provided must be complete and clearly legible.

    3.2 It is imperative that end-user warranty processing is handled directly between the customer and Listan. Warranty claims processed by a dealer will not be accepted by Listan. In cases of warranty claims erroneously processed through a dealer, the customer bears the risks of performance failure by the dealer (such as due to insolvency).

    3.3 The customer should forward the device concerned to the following address for warranty processing:

    Listan GmbH
    Biedenkamp 3B
    D-21509 Glinde

    Hotline: 0800 0 736 736
    Fax: 040 736 76 86 69

    Other countries
    Hotline: +49 (0) 40 736 76 86 44

    Fax: +49 (0) 40 736 76 86 69

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