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Thread: Benchmarking new 6800gt against my fx5900

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    Benchmarking new 6800gt against my fx5900

    Just got my new MSI 6800GT from recent sale overclockers had on B-Grade stuff(apart from a slightly torn box near where you open it, it had all cables, software & games etc so am well pleased, especially as this is supposed to be a B Grade).

    Anyway, want to see how much diff there is between my existing 5900 and the new card. Is there a benchmarking prog I can use for half life 2 which will give me the FPS at minimum and max settings without having to play the game through myself? Just want to see what diff there is.
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    Hmmm a quick look on google and low and behold the first result is using HL2 as a benchmark....

    That was difficult
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    Use the video stress test in cs:s as a rough guide. Put all the detail on highest and at minimum resolution and then test. Go up a resolution and test again get my drift
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