Just Bought a http://www.macgurus.com/productpages...apsatakits.php hotswapkit from usa ( i live in spain ) that just not received yet.

I just wanted to be sure that it will work in my shuttle SB81P... I have send lot of emails through shuttle form support but get not response since 3 weeks ago...

I just found some info about hot-plug ( not hot-swap ) in their faq/shuttle SB81P site ( http://www.shuttle.com/share/fae/hq/...PC%20SB81P.htm ) I just wanted to be sure that the shuttle sb81p will work with that burly hot swap ... Anyone??

Just another question related to that faq I have been trying to install Intel IAA Utility version 4.5 from ( http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scri...l&submit=Go%21 ) without luck, anyone ?????????? It says that Sb81p is not compatible... why ??? as far as it's using 915G should!