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Thread: Shuttle XPC SN85G4

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    Shuttle XPC SN85G4

    Anyone know the official UK release date for this product?

    And what sort of price are we going to be looking at, hopefully somewhere in the region of £160 fingers crossed.

    Im seriously considering replacing the current Midi ATX rig with the mini pc
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    I'm afraid it will be closer to the £250-300 than £160, though the price will drop fairly quickly like most Shuttles I reckon. Shuttle say it isn't a paper launch so I would expect to see it in a couple of weeks, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Sudhian got one that was broken and that was a review sample, so they may be having issues. Also the price of the processors is astronomical at the moment, with the standard AMD 64 3200 costing a whopping £370 at overclockers. If you've got the money go for it, but you will have to suffer the pain of a very quick price drop and of course a huge amount of depreciation on your purchase
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