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Thread: Help choosing a barebones system

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    Help choosing a barebones system

    Right guys.. I would be grateful if you could help me choose a SFF Barebones system for me. Max budget is £200 excluding RAM, CPU and HDD. No display or input devices required.

    This is NOT my main PC so I do not need the latest hardware for games or cutting edge performance. Functional graphics and sound only i.e. onboard is fine. Typical access will be remotely.


    -purely a fileserver for my digital music archive (~300GB and growing of FLAC and MP3 files)

    -run SlimServer application to stream audio to a Squeezebox 2 (ideally over existing 802.11g network but could go via Cat5 if necessary)

    -running either Win2K or Linux (probably Debian)

    Must haves
    -space and support for at least two SATA drives and a CD/DVD drive


    -economical (could be running 24x7)

    -quietness (could be in living room)

    -quick boot up time (could point towards linux rather than windows?)

    -cost < £150

    I'm initially thinking a Shuttle SN41G2 V3 however this is by no means definite.

    Any help much appreciated!

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    Have a look around and, both have good selections of SFF PC's and you might find the solteks good as they have 2 3.5" ports and 2 5.25" ports on their basic chassis.
    Not around too often!

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