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Thread: SN85G4V3 Startup

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    SN85G4V3 Startup

    I have the above manchine and my query is regarding turning it on.

    When i turn it on the first time in a long while it takes forever to boot. It start detecting drives and so on, so i dont hang around and just press the reset button it loads fast as normal.

    I think there is a setting in the bios that is causing this. Anyone know how to modify it to get it to always boot fast?

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    Obvious but have you disabled IDE ports in the BIOS that you are not using?

    i.e. if you are using 1 IDE HDD as Master on the primary IDE then set the slave to None in the BIOS. Same for secondry IDE and SATA ports.

    Other then that, quick self test on etc. etc.
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    Unplug all un-essential USB devices to be sure one of those aren't slowing down your boot. Also make sure you have the latest drivers, firmware and BIOS loaded.

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