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Thread: External HDD Bays

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    External HDD Bays

    I'm looking for a USB2 (pref also with firewire daisy chain option) for my SATA drive. Many of you may think "nub" and just point me at a PCI card that has an external SATA connecter on it, but it's for my laptop (No, please don't show me PCMCIA cards either! )

    I'm needing this to have my old server hard drives available on on laptop, without me having to re-build it (mobo/ram/cpu will be a LOT more expensive!).

    So, PLEASE link me to any that you know of, and i'll kiss the feet of the man (or woman, or "other") that finds me a nice one!

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    I have bought an IcyBox in the last week which is USB2.0 & i1394a to PATA.

    They make some SATA ones but I don't think they have a SATA to USB2.0 & i1394a, I'm pretty sure they do SATA to USB2.0 and SATA. Scan seem to be the best place to buy them.

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    As posted in another thread somewhere...

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