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Thread: help me = free stuff

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    help me = free stuff

    ive had probs in cs for AGES and not tryed 1.6 yet which ill do l8r but this till needs fixing....

    i have this spec:
    1700+ @ 2.2
    nf7-s rev1.1
    512mb pc2700 @ ddr400 (7-3-3-2.5, could this be the cause of crap performance due to timings?)
    r9700np w. omega cat3.7 agp = 8x (at stock atm, but will clock fine upto 380/313.5)
    40gb maxtor boot drive
    120gb maxtor storage on sata converter
    tv card
    4x dvd-rw
    other rubbishrubbishrubbishrubbishe...
    win2k sp4

    this is the main problem:
    say i want to play cs, i open HLSW, fnd server i wanna play, click conenct. cs (hl + cs 1.5 mod) starts but sorta spends ages at the "loading" screen, then once its done that it loads properly, then "error serevr verification failed"
    theres 2 ways round this, one is to exit and reconect (i used to have to do this 3 times in a row to get it to work) and it usually doesnt give the error again which means i can play. (btw i still have to wait for the "loading" each time, so its VERY hard for me to get a slot on a busy public server.
    the other way, which usually doesnt work unless the above method fails once/twice, is to "retry" (f11 for me)

    also ive always had problem of very low fps in cs. my brother used to get 80+ contstant on a v5500, i got around 55 which would drop very low at times (not vsync/refresh related) with almost same system (950 duron + v5500)
    atm i get between 20 and 75fps, it rarly drops anywhere near 20 but it does sometimes (and for almsot no reson, i think overdraw issues? maybe i need to enable HSR some how????). the max fps is capped to 75 by drivers, saves me having to force the refresh with a 3rd party app BUT it limits me to 75 even when not using vsync in cs, in 3dmark 2001 and other apps i get upto 400fps + with vsync off...

    im willing to send some 1 lots random computer junk if they can tell me fix for this

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    Have you tried getting to a server through cs normally?

    Also, do a reinstall, of the serria file (including HL, CS, DOD or whatever u have in there)

    Have u tried different radeon drivers to help the fps?

    Finally have u got the latest patch?

    Have fun


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    ill try and speak to u on IRC mate

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