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Thread: Gaming RAM

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    Gaming RAM

    Hey all,

    As you can see bellow my current RAM is Corsair Value Select 2x512, from what CPU-Z is telling me its running at:

    CAS# 3.0
    RAS# to CAS# delay 3
    RAS# Precharge 3
    TRAS# 8

    Money is not really an issue but would I see a performance increase in Games especially CS:S. I currently get around 30-100 FPS when playing CS:S, however the more players the lower the FPS goes. Is that too low for my spec? So would some new better RAM improve anything?

    Some people say it is low and I should check for BIOS updates, Chipsets etc, but Im way over my head in that department...


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    changing up to som 2-2-2 memory will not account for a great deal of extra performance, 10% MAX, but more likely to be nearer 2-3%. (i think its madshrimps have just done a memory comparison between a few different timing sets etc - look on hexus roundup)

    you may find that you memory runs cas 2.5 anyway, try it - just know how to clear the cmos first

    you will get a much larger performance changes installing the correct chipset drivers if its never been done, and setting windows to not run anything you aren't using. You will also gain a bit by overclocking.


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